Why LHG?

“Where Working Together Is A Success!”


  • We have a team of committed and dedicated administrative staff always ready to attend to your needs.
  • Always Listening and Attentive to your every requests.


  • We have well trained professionals (salespersons) in the different segments of the real estate market. From residential to commercial, industrial or GCBs, niche luxury market in the Sentosa Cove and many more… we are here to assist and work with you to attain the best results in all your real estate needs.
  • We provide up-to-date training so that our associates always receive first-hand information of latest policies and regulations. Our associates are taught how best to educate and advise customers in view of latest government measures / policies.
  • Embracing the era of information technology, convenience is a crucial factor in our way of life. Our company is one of the first in the industry to launch the use of e-forms (paperless) and e-submission for almost all processes, which fulfils our aim to constantly stay abreast of technology improvements. Thus creating a better exchange environment for all associates.


  • A New, Luxuriously renovated business concierge centre provides a relaxing ambience for all to unwind.
  • All relevant and necessary software are made readily available to all associates.


  • Our associates are equipped with the 21st century soft skills, well versed and highly familiar with all property procedures / process.
  • Our associates possess valuable field experiences. These wealth of experiences allow us to handle your real estate concerns / issues better than others.
  • A total comprehensive training system which mentors, coaches, shares and learns with the team.